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Quality RF Solutions for MedTech

With the emergence of Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) and other commercial protocols, see how you can leverage our RF and quality expertise through every stage of the product lifecycle, including design verification, new product introductions (NPI), IQ/OQ/PQ, and production testing.

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Efficiency for All Patient-Care Products

At every step of the way we can support your quality and FDA-type regulatory approval compliance. From custom instrumentation, vision inspection or smart solutions to manage all test and quality data, our solutions improve decision-making, manufacturing processes and product quality.

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Trust Averna - A 3rd-Party Integrator

Because we operate independently, we are able to combine various technologies to create the ideal solution for your requirements. Our extensive portfolio includes automation, design, Build-to-Print and more. And if the technology you need does not exist yet, we’ll happily develop it for you.

From implanted or surgical devices to monitors, ultrasounds and scopes, talk to our test and quality experts about our medical-device test solutions, documentation and expertise.

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A working battery can mean the difference between life and death. Don't take chances with quality, see what our experts can offer for battery cell, module or pack testing.



Proven Turnkey Test Solutions & Global Support

Deliver the highest-quality patient care through the best medical-device designs, documentation and test equipment.


Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) Technology has revolutionized the use of wireless devices in life sciences. Characteristics like power consumption, data rate and range make it a reliable protocol for hundreds of medical devices. Testing these devices can be a challenge on their own, so here are more details on the technology
and the most efficient way to test it. 

Learn More About our Advanced Medical Test, Measurement and Quality Solutions

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Success Story

Learn about our 100% reliable, automated test system that provides standardized test results which features completely modular and reusable components.

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Download our eBook on industry trends like personal medical devices, increased industry regulations, and increased RF capabilities.

Leading Test Solutions for Medical Devices

ECG, NIBP, Sp02, and temperature monitors ▪ Implanted devices ▪ Pacemakers and defibrillators ▪ Plungers & stoppers ▪ Molded rubber parts ▪ Ambulatory/portable monitoring (pH, ECG, NIBP, blood glucose) ▪ Ventilators and telemetry devices ▪ Cable and lead wire systems (ECG, catheters, device cables) ▪ Batteries ▪ Surgical devices ▪ Endoscopes ▪ Team support for system validation (V&V) and FDA compliance, including IQ/OQ/PQ ▪ Automated test equipment ▪ Modular instruments ▪ Swappable fixtures ▪ Build-to-print services ▪ Vision inspection systems ▪ And more.