Software Solutions to Simplify Smart Data

Organization, Management and Analytics of your Digital Thread

Proligent Analytics

Are you fully benefiting from the value of the test data coming out of production? Proligent Analytics consolidates all data produced by smart factories, smart assets and smart products, transforming digital thread into user-friendly reports and dashboards. See why Proligent has been helping make better business decisions for over 15 years.

Proligent QuickView

Monitor your test data using one simple tool. Proligent QuickView is easy to install and delivers powerful insight into local manufacturing. Make better business decisions through QuickView’s clear and precise dashboards or dig deeper one serial number at a time.  

Averna Deploy

Have confidence in your test data. Averna Deploy ensures all factories are up to date with the right code where it’s needed. This intuitive tool allows all users to easily deploy any data to test assets and stations anywhere in the world. Easy to install into any manufacturing environment, save time and money while promoting reusability.  

Averna Launch

Are you optimizing your time managing your smart data? Averna Launch consolidates all test data from your smart factories and delivers results in both real-time and user-friendly reports. By automatically detecting the unit under test (UUT) Launch runs all required test sequences, predetermined by you.

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