Flexible Test Platform Solutions

Leverage 20+ Years of Test Industry Experience with Built-In IP for Maximum Reuse

UniLine: The Universal In-Line Test Platform

Regardless of industry or application, trust Averna to accelerate time to market with UniLine. A customizable and fully scalable test platform for electronic testing, UniLine will automate all safety, functional, ICT (In Circuit Test), EOL (End Of Line) tests as well as, part labeling and programming operations for partial or final electronic assemblies. Select only the functionalities required for the application or link multiple systems together for a total solution.

Active Alignment Assembly and Test Platform

 Use a semi or fully automated active alignment solution to quickly assemble camera & LiDAR modules, MEMS devices, die based sensors, LED and laser-based headlights and other high-end products with supreme accuracy. Discover which automated quality solution best fits your manufacturing requirements.

Batterie Inspektor™

Don't leave battery test to chance. With Batterie Inspektor™, you get the results you need with an established platform. Learn more about this flexible solution for cells, modules, BMUs and end-of-line testing.

Electric Vehicle Power Components EOL Test Platform

Regardless of your EV power component application, trust Averna’s test expertise to accelerate time to market. With a customizable and fully scalable EV test platform, automate safety, functional, and leakage tests with part labeling and quality inspection for common EV ECU modules.

Virtual, Augmented and Mixed Reality Calibration Platform

AR, VR and MR are playing a major role across a variety of industries. Proper device calibration is critical for product performance. Don't compromise quality, leverage Averna’s standardized alignment platform to efficiently calibrate cameras and Inertial Measurement Unit (IMU) modules with supreme accuracy. 

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