UniLine Universal-inline Platform

Its scalable design allows you to build the solution that best fits your manufacturing requirements and grows with your needs.

Automate all functional, safety, ICT, and EOL tests as well as part labeling and programming operations for partial or final PCB assemblies.

Improve product quality and service by eliminating manual intervention and automating smarter data management

Increase your return on investment by accommodating multiple product variations and product types with reusable equipment. 

Electronics Testing, Simplified.

UniLine brings 20+ years of test & quality experience to your manufacturing floor and test automation delivers accurate results, without bias. By standardizing test, product quality improves as costs decrease. Equipment becomes understandable and manageable across departments and station support becomes simple.

This scalable platform adjusts to the current requirements of your application and grows with its evolution. Reuse and expand your manufacturing equipment from design to support

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Accelerate Time to Market for any Industry

Accelerate time to market with the most flexible tester on the market. Uniform automated equipment minimizes operator intervention and ramp up, which gets your product out the door. Repeatability delivers high throughput and protects your brand.



Specifications - UniLine


Test Types

· Calibration

· Performance

· Power

· Visual Inspection

· Communication

· Force

· Programming / Security Configuration 


· and many others 

Parameters to Measure

· Voltage

· Current

· Transmit Power

· Receiver Sensitivity

· RF Spectral Measurements

· Force

· Light

· Audio

· Surface Defects

· and many others

Station Dimensions - Typical (mm/in)

600 x 1000 x 2000

24 x 39 x 79

DUT Size Envelope - Typical (mm/in)

400 x 400 x 200

16 x 16 x 8


Handling Time

Approx. 4s

Loading / Unloading / Connection to DUT

Automatic, In-line System

Internal transport / Conveyor


Communication Type between Stations

Customizable, SMEMA as example

External Data Interface

MES, OPC UA (TSN), TCP-IP, PLC Connectors