Fully Automated EV Motor Test Station

The Right Solution for your
EV Application

Our eDyno experts will accelerate product development and/or production by validating performance of high speed, high power electric motors. Learn more about our electric motor solutions.


 Flexible EV Power Components
Test Platform  

 It is easy to select any and all of the tests your application requires including safety, functional, and leakage and AOI. Learn more about this scalable and flexible test platform for power component testing.

EV Battery Rendering

Build & Assemble Better Batteries
from Cell to Pack

Managing shape, size, temperature, voltage, and current requirements makes battery testing dangerous, difficult, and time-consuming. Averna offers a flexible, modular approach overcome these test challenges.  


Modular and Scalable Testing with Batterie Inspektor™ 

By combining the most diverse hardware and software modules, Batterie Inspektor™ delivers innovative, automated, and digitalized battery testing at every stage of manufacturing. With this flexible test platform, all modules can be adapted to their respective quality requirements. Manufacturing is simplified through a scalable and standardized framework for both new projects and upgrades.


With a wide range of test parameters, Batterie Inspektor™ ensures top quality products including cells, modules, BMUs and packs, at every stage of manufacturing.

The huge growth in demand for electric vehicles requires fast ramp up and better quality. Download this 30 minute webinar to learn about the top 3 challenges EV motor manufacturers are facing today and how to address each one.

Test Station Replication Mock Up with Multiple Systems

Don't take risks in your supply chain. Find out how Averna got 20 brand new EV test stations up and running in under 6 weeks.

The power requirements for EV testing are more strenuous and challenging than standard vehicles. Speak to a test expert to cover all the extremes.

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Accelerate Automotive Innovation

Keep ahead of the technology curve through efficient test.

Download this brochure to start automating test for:

• Inverters
• DC – DC modules
• On Board Charges (OBC)
• Battery Management Solutions BMS/TMS
• Small Motors/Actuators
• Power Distribution Units (PDU)
• Other Power Electronic Modules

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Product-Quality Solutions for Electric Vehicles

Safety & insulation testing ▪ Functional test (FCT) ▪ Manufacturing test ▪ In-line testing ▪ Test automation ▪ Camera assembly ▪ Vision inspection ▪ 2D Inspection ▪ 3D Pin inspection ▪ Hipot test ▪ Vibration ▪ High-Voltage (HV) ▪ High current testing / connection / switching ▪ Thermal chambers ▪ Cooling systems ▪ Acoustic chambers ▪ Radar, collision avoidance, and advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) ▪ High-speed / High power ▪ Leak verification ▪ Advanced optical inspection (AOI) ▪ Laser marking ▪ Engine control unit (ECU) ▪ EV batteries ▪ Battery simulator ▪ Energy recovery ▪ Chargers & handles ▪ Power electronics ▪ DC - DC modules ▪ Inverters ▪ On board chargers (OBC) ▪ Circuit breakers (CB) ▪ Cyclers ▪ Thermoregulation ▪ eDyno ▪ EV Motors & small motors ▪ Actuators ▪ Battery Management Systems (BMS/TMS) ▪ Battery sorting ▪ Battery cell ▪ Battery module ▪ Battery pack ▪ Power distribution units (PDU) ▪ Flexible software platform ▪ Audio ▪ NVH ▪ And more.