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Don’t cut corners on the path to quality. We are experts in Design for Test (DFT), Design for Manufacturing (DFM), agile development, prototyping and standards/best practices in many industries. Speak to our prototyping and consulting services experts to ensure you make the right decisions and investments at the start of your project.



Considering a Vision Inspection or Machine Vision solution? Want to know how much cycle time or throughput will improve if you upgrade your test equipment? Let’s work together to ensure the best strategy, product results and return on investment (ROI).



Because we work with many innovative product designers and OEMs early in the lifecycle, tap our extensive experience designing and building development test systems and smart fixtures that can quickly validate your evolving product’s features and performance.

Go from Product Design to Prototype Fast

Need experts to implement your software design in FPGA-based hardware? Want quick proof-of-concept (POC) success? Using National Instruments’ FPGA-driven COTS hardware and our extensive NI platform experience, we can quickly develop cost-effective prototypes that accelerate your product schedules and significantly lower project risk. We offer over three person-decades of NI FPGA-based expertise in 5G, big physics, consumer products, and aerospace & defense.

Our Agile Prototyping
Gives You Flexibility

Is your product design changing quickly? Want to have an agile team quickly produce test equipment to validate it? For many clients we design and assemble test systems and modular fixtures/nests to test their rapidly changing technology. And we’re experts at building in design-change provisions to keep in step with your team – ensuring that when you finalize your product, we’re right there with a comprehensive test solution.

Consider a Spec Checkup

A missed technical spec or a usability/assembly flaw can cost you greatly at the NPI or manufacturing stage. Even if your test or user requirement specs are complete, consider having our experts analyze them in case you’ve overlooked something. And we regularly help clients define, develop and finalize test specs and
user requirements too.

When it comes to Test & Quality, consult the experts.

For over 20 years we have led the industry with innovative solutions to the most-challenging technical, quality and throughput problems.

Feasibility Studies and
Cost-Benefit Analyses

Here are just some of the typical questions we regularly answer for clients:


  • Can your solution spot defects not visible to the human eye?
  • Is it as good as or better than our sharpest human operator?
  • What processing speed can be attained/maintained?
  • How accurate is computer vision (can we achieve zero defects)?
  • How do you identify and sort/eliminate defective products?
  • How would your system become smarter over time?


  • How would your test system interface with our product/system?
  • How does interference influence the system behavior?
  • What accuracy and speed can be achieved?
  • How compact can an Averna solution be?
  • Under what conditions can our system still reliably operate?
  • How can we optimize power consumption?


  • What is the ideal processor controller setup to meet technical specs and budget constraints?
  • What is the most effective measurement technique?
  • How does sensor behavior affect my measurements?
  • How many sensors will be needed?
  • How can I synchronously acquire sensor data?


  • What forces are exerted in the machine or product?
  • What design or material can withstand the force requirements?
  • What speed or positioning accuracy can be achieved?
  • What is the expected lifetime of a system or component?
  • How will wear influence the system’s performance?
  • Can a robot complete the requested movement path to keep up with the production line?

Looking for a better test & measurement strategy?

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