Smart Data Management

Time to improve results? Want to have near real-time data for all your production sites? With Proligent you get ultimate visibility and control over production, test equipment, processes and operations. Manufacturers worldwide use Proligent to score huge productivity, yield, quality and bottom-line gains. Why not your enterprise?

RF Signal Testers

Want to validate a receiver faster or build a library of real-world signals and impairments? Our award-winning line of RF Signal Generators and Record & Playback units sets the standard for flexibility and repeatability. Perfect for infotainment systems, consumer/medical devices, and aerospace & defense applications.

Protocol Solutions

Need to lock down your feature set and get to market with confidence? We offer the ultimate all-in-one design verification, protocol analysis, and manufacturing verification solutions – all with built-in industry standards – to ensure you get optimum product quality, performance and reliability.

Flexible Test Platforms

Leverage 20+ years of test expertise in our flexible test platforms for multiple applications and industries. Simplify electronics testing, EV test, active alignment and more with industry established IP and maximum reuse. 

Ready to accelerate product quality?