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Standardized Test for Industrial Variations

PCBA Test Expertise

All-In-One Validation Solution for Automotive

Top 5 Reasons to Automate Test

Bring EV Testing to the Next Level

Total Health Monitoring in a Compact Package

How to Design an Efficient Test Platform in 3 Easy Steps

Custom Test Solution Accelerates Ventilator Testing

Averna’s Solution Provides Repeatable Results for Accelerated R&D.

Customer Successes – Design Flexible Test Solutions for Next-gen Devices

Averna's Universal In-Line Test Platform

Deciding if Automated Test is Right for Your Company


Active Alignment - Fast & Flawless.

Mirrorless Cars Mean No Looking Back

The Machine Is Quicker Than the Eye for Quality Inspection

High-Speed Vision System Verifies Quality 4x Faster

Electric Vehicle Test Platform

Increasing Output and Reducing Costs in Test and Assembly of Optical Components

Vision-Guided Assembly System Streamlines Printhead Production

Could There Have Been a Global Vaccine Vial Shortage?

Fully Automated Assembly Station Ensures a Flawless Build for Precise Results

6 Ways to Achieve Zero Defects

Keep on Trucking with the Highest Quality

The Top 3 Challenges Facing Electric Vehicle Test Solutions

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The ins and outs of DOCSIS

Smart Data Management on a Global Scale

Using Protocol Analysis to your Advantage

Better Data Analytics for Smart Factories and Industry 4.0

Smart Manufacturing: Bridging IT and OT

Standardize and Automate Avionics Testing

How to Simplify Test Data Management: No Coding Required

Everything’s Connected: Strategies for Testing New Medical Devices


AST-1000: All-in-one Signal Tester for Infotainment

Averna Innovates a Flexible and Future-Proof RF Test Platform

Top 5 Test Challenges for RF Products

RF Signal Recording Service

Ensuring Flawless Performance for Military RF Devices

Averna’s Suite of RF Instruments

A Global Automotive OEM Success Story

RP-6500 Wideband RF Record & Playback

AST-1000 All-in-One RF Signal Source for Infotainment

Automotive Radar Solution Reduces Test Time by 75%

Advanced Automotive Testing for the Future of Cars


Why Choose a Common Core Test Platform?

Averna Corporate Profile

Industrial & InfrastructureTest Solutions

Top 5 Challenges for Testing Today’s Consumer Electronics

Delivering the Cars of Tomorrow

Medical Test Expertise Across the Board

VR, AR & MR Calibration Platform

A New Way to Test the Next Generation of Low-Voltage Switchboards

Pharmaceutical ManufacturingTest Expertise

Actuators in Air: Achieving All-Electric Flight