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Deciding if Automated Test is Right for Your Company

Smart Device Tester

Customer Success in Automotive

Top 5 Reasons to Automate Test

A 100% Sound Test Solution for Hearing Implants

Test Station Manufacturing Tips

Innovative EOL Testing for Automotive Wheel Speed Sensors

Robotics & Motion Solutions for Products on the Move

Customer Success for Surgical Devices

A Hot Solution for Complying with UL 858 & ANSI Z21 Standards

Customer Successes – Design Flexible Test Solutions for Next-gen Devices

Safer Commercial Shipping with 3D Vessel-Positioning


Perfect Camera Module Assemblies

Automated Vision-Based Solution Ensures Perfect Auto Parts

7 Crucial Keys to Active Alignment

The Machine Is Quicker Than the Eye for Quality Inspection

6 Ways to Achieve Zero Defects

Meticulous Assembly for Life-Saving Results

Vision-Guided Assembly System Streamlines Printhead Production

High-Speed Vision System Verifies Quality 4x Faster

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Smart Manufacturing: Bridging IT and OT

Improving Processes and Results with Automated Test

Manage Your Smart Factories Efficiently

Using Protocol Analysis to your Advantage

Better Data Analytics for Smart Factories and Industry 4.0

Standardize and Automate Avionics Testing

Intelligent Test Automation is the Future

Optimizing DOCSIS 3.1 Networks with Protocol Analysis


AST-1000: All-in-one Signal Tester for Infotainment

Automotive Radar Solution Reduces Test Time by 75%

Top 5 Test Challenges for RF Products

Accelerated Production Testing for Automotive Radar

High Tech, Will Travel: Big Challenges for Testing Today’s Wearable Devices

Ensuring Flawless Performance for Military RF Devices

Averna’s Suite of RF Instruments

A Global Automotive OEM Success Story

AST-1000 All-in-One RF Signal Source for Infotainment

RF Record & Playback Solutions

Advanced Automotive Testing for the Future of Cars

RP-6500 Wideband RF Record & Playback


Averna Corporate Profile

Strategies For Navigating The Medical World

Test Station Replication /
Build-to-Print Service

Top 5 Challenges for Testing Today’s Consumer Electronics

Test Engineering Services for the Entire Product Lifecycle

VR, AR & MR Calibration Platform

Top 5 Trends in Product Development and Test Engineering