A customizable and flexible semi or fully automated test solution to meet a range of requirements.

Electric vehicle battery simulation, which supports CCS standards (CCS1 and CCS2) and NACS and monitors real-time Vehicle-to-Grid statistics (voltage, current, and State of Charge).

Move from validation into production.

AC/DC regenerative loads and incremental high-power test up to 
extreme levels beyond 600 kW.

 Automated conformance testing.

Accelerate manufacturing with flexible adaptation to different battery types.  

Meet a Range of Requirements and Get to Market Faster

To manage both the challenging high-power requirements of electric vehicle supply equipment and the market demand, it is crucial to rely on a test system that performs to your specs. The right system needs to combine the tools for reliable asset communication, microgrid management, effective protocol simulation and high-power testing. This EVSE platform combines the right energy regeneration equipment with 25+ years of test experience to deliver the results you need to meet conformance in the time you need it. 

EV Battery Simulation

Supercharge your project's timeline with our EV simulator. It is designed for CCS support and provides real-time Vehicle-to-Grid monitoring (voltage, current, and State of Charge). By featuring an embedded UI, remote API, and the capability to control EV parameters it allows you to build all realistic scenarios. Seamlessly switch between manual and automated testing and take total control with parameter customization. It also offers advanced communication sniffing for comprehensive monitoring. By incorporating our EV simulator into your test design your projects will set a new standard for excellence that redefine possibilities. 


Test Types 

EVSE Test Platform 

 V2G Communication Simulation

  • CCS (Combined Charging System) 1,2
  • NACS

Supported Protocols

  • DIN 70121 / ISO 15118
  • IEC 61851-1 / SAE J1772

High-Level Features

  • Live Views of:
    • Recorded Voltage & Current
    • Charging Processes & Sessions
  • Electric Vehicle Battery Simulation

  • Customizable and Flexible Test Application

  • AC/DC Regenerative Load

  • Fault Injection in CP and PP State

  • Automated Conformance Testing

  • Measurements and Data Logging including:
    • Supply Voltage/Current
    • Charge Voltage/Current
    • Ground Current/Hipot