Industry-Leading Signal & Integration Expertise

Our test & measurement expertise for RF & Microwave covers everything from wireless, radar, broadband and software-defined radio (SDR) to integrating and testing new protocols and applications. As well as custom solutions – including Infotainment & Wearables test platforms, channel emulators and protocol analyzers – we offer an award-winning line of Signal Generators, RF Record & Playbacks, and DOCSIS Design Verification Systems.


  • Up to 94 GHz
  • Up/down converters to 40 GHz
  • Circuit/system simulation
  • Parametric testing
  • De-embedding / S-parameters


Altered image of a PCB with an RF tower on a chip

What Are Your RF Challenges?

Many of our customers have considerable issues ensuring optimum RF performance and validating new functionality due to these common problems:

  • Higher and higher frequencies
  • More RF standards yet fewer test resources
  • Increased takt time and slower throughput
  • Capturing large instantaneous bandwidths
  • Streaming large amounts of RF data

Improving Automotive
Radar Testing

A Tier 1 automotive supplier approached us about improving radar unit verification during production testing. In a 24/7 manufacturing environment, our turnkey, in-line solution helped them speed up takt time, verify full functionality and prevent breakdowns. They were so impressed they ordered additional systems for their operations around the world.

Drawing of two cars using radar for ADAS
Cover of the video for Averna's Suite of RF Instruments

Discover our Suite of RF Instruments

Our suite of RF Instruments solves today’s most common test challenges for a multitude of industries. Efficiently address test for:

  • Infotainment including radio, video, navigation and connectivity
  • GNSS signals
  • Real-world impairments
  • Wide bandwidth
  • Evolving protocols

Send the right signals to the market.

We have some of the best RF and Test Engineers in the world to help ensure your products are the best they can be.

Our RF Signal Depth

Sample Project Capabilities

  • Design: Microwave circuit design, RF system simulation, electromagnetic (EM) analysis
  • Validation: Test coverage analysis
  • PEST: HASS/HALT analysis
  • Test (examples): Mobile and medical devices, wireless infrastructure, set-top boxes, infotainment systems, connected cars
  • Integration: Software, mechanical (handlers, fixtures, chambers and more), electrical
  • NI FPGA-based Prototyping: For 5G, big physics, consumer, aerospace, etc.

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