Averna Offers a Flexible, Approach to Battery Cell, Module or Pack Testing.

By leveraging our extensive instrumentation knowledge our test systems have no limits, aside from the ones you set. We will integrate or design, the right battery cycler, climate test chamber, or thermoregulation unit specific to your situation, as examples. Each design is unique to meet the exact requirements of any application but leverages a flexible fixturing design. This allows you to save costs by seamlessly testing and validating different products and variations by reusing the same test hardware and only exchanging the modular fixtures. This also limits any downtime in the case of a destructive cell failure. By exchanging the fixture easily, tests can continue to run while the repair happens in parallel. Averna's software expertise also allows for broad testing options regardless of the equipment at hand.

SMART Safety Monitoring System

Battery testing starts with a safe solution. A battery can become dangerous on its own, but by adding the comprehensive test cases specified by the different norm standards makes it nearly impossible to accomplish safely. A modular test system contains multiple independent operating devices collaborating together. Our SMART safety monitoring system oversees all individual components and manages failures safely by isolating each one. This permits the system to be shut down safely. 

EV Battery SMART Safety System

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Averna’s main goal is to offer you a flexible solution. Our fixtures are independently exchangeable, allowing easy exchange or mixed testing of cell types.

Produce Better Batteries with ~10,000 Images per Minute.

Read our case study to discover how we helped this household name in batteries deliver perfection for multiple form factors with advanced machine vision technology.

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