Expertise for Products
on the Move

Testing and sorting DUTs on a production line? Looking for a hands-free handling solution? Work with us to identify the right technology and ensure a seamless integration.


We are experts in advanced robotics – including Epson, FANUC and Stäubli – and have implemented them within numerous industries like automotive, semiconductors, and consumer electronics.


Count on our vision inspection and mechatronics specialists to design and program the ideal system to pick up, move, align and sort your products securely.

Semi or Fully-Automated?

Fully automated high-speed machine vision system

Sample Capabilities

  • Advanced vision systems and camera feedback on robot paths
  • High-level expertise with robots from FANUC, Stäubli, Epson and others
  • Fabrication of flexible fixtures and RF test chambers
  • Integration of multiple third-party motion technologies including conveyor belts
  • Custom design of linear drives when COTS solutions do not match requirements
  • Numerous senior mechatronics engineers and handling experts

Completely Automated Handling Solution

See how Averna accelerated this customer’s production testing with a 24/7 automated solution featuring a 6 DOF robot, vision sensors, test chambers and a pass/fail sorting system.

Let us help put your product in motion.

If your UUT/DUT needs to be moved or manipulated during the test cycle,
get in touch for a highly precise and robust solution.

Robotic arm assembling a machine

Trust Averna –
A 3rd-Party Integrator

There are numerous motion-technology manufacturers, each one with its own strengths and advantages. Because Averna operates independently, we are able to combine various technologies to create the ideal solution for your requirements. And if the technology you need does not exist yet, we’ll happily develop it for you.


Our Well-Calibrated Mechatronics Offering

  • Multidisciplinary  teams: Specialists in mechanics, electronics, robotics, hydraulics, pneumatics, and optics/vision systems
  • Thermally stable designs: Guaranteed precision even with fluctuating temperatures.
  • Vibration sensitivity: Through on-site research, we can determine the required strength for absorbers to prevent damage and costly recalibrations.
  • Risk analysis and safety measures: We assess all risk factors and design our solutions to meet necessary safety requirements.
  • Secure shipping: With partners, we design our own packaging to ensure your solution arrives safely.
High-speed fully automated machine vision system

For Products on the Move

Some products need to be measured, examined, and/or sorted while in motion. Here are just some examples of applications we have developed for customers:


  • Linear and constant a-b movements while taking measurements using line-scan cameras
  • Moving paper below a print head to measure ink drops
  • Taking a 3D profile of moving objects to identify and eliminate flaws during production

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