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Averna’s Iridium Physical Layer Test System (PLTS)

Iridium-approved test solutions for handsets and data modems

DVT solution features all standard tests for Iridium ISUs

Proven Production solution deployed at global CM sites

Now Supports Iridium NEXT

Complete Iridium DVT and Production Test Coverage

Averna’s Iridium Physical Layer Test System (PLTS) covers all your needs for the design verification (DVT) and production testing of Iridium Satellite Subscriber Units (ISUs), such as handsets and data modems.
The Iridium PLTS verifies product performance to Iridium’s standards. Both our DVT and Production versions feature the same software stack to ensure consistent test results at all stages, including after integration into other products. See our Iridium test case coverage >>

Iridium PLTS ─ Design Verification (DVT) Features Averna’s Iridium Physical Layer Test System (PLTS) for Development

  • Design verification testing of different Iridium data modems, transceivers (960X, 960XN, 952X, 952XN, 9770) and handsets
  • Expandable to production test, for parallel audio, digital, Tx/Rx calibration and testing
  • LabVIEW API and TestStand framework for custom test design
  • Connects to client-supplied fixtures, including RF, UUT Sync (11.11Hz), Serial; option for UUT power

Iridium PLTS ─ Production Test Features Averna’s Iridium Physical Layer Test System (PLTS) for Production

  • High throughput with 4-UP testing in parallel operation
  • Performs baseband, audio and digital tests, RF to 3.3 GHz
  • Handles RF parameters, timing, analog and digital performance
  • Capable of both board (PCB) tests and final configuration tests
  • Convenient, small-footprint half-rack can also function as a DVT tester
  • Proven solution for satellite modem production at global CM sites

Software Capabilities

  • Standalone test cases for DVT plans and specifications
  • LabVIEW communication drivers for Iridium products
  • LabVIEW API for Iridium Tx and Rx DVT, including examples for signal generation and analysis
  • Uplink and downlink signal generation on multiple timeslots
  • Generation of Iridium waveforms over the complete Iridium band
  • Optional framework for sequencing tests and report generation
  • Wideband option for Rx/Tx design verification testing; also includes all filters and generators for Rx spurious response and Tx spurious emissions (pre-compliance testing up to 3 GHz)

Iridium labs, product designers and equipment makers use our Iridium solutions to speed up design verification, verify device performance and get their products to market faster.