Universal Solutions for
Industrial Challenges

Equipment reuse improves quality, accelerates production and lowers cost. UniLine allows you to automate test for multiple products and variations using a single system.

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Test High-Power
Components Safely

 With hundreds of successful dielectric and hipot projects deployed, Averna can design the most efficient and safest high-voltage test solution for your next application.

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Focus on Power
Let Us Focus on Test

Because Averna operates independently, we can combine various technologies to create the ideal solution for your requirements. By outsourcing test you gain space to thrive.   

Did you miss our live event explaining the 4 critical steps to improve EVSE production?

EVSE manufacturers need to deliver maximum uptime and
a predictable ecosystem. This can be efficiently achieved through:

- Reliable asset communication
- Regenerative equipment
- Microgrid management
- Effective protocol simulation

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Experience Makes the Difference.

Designing and manufacturing circuit breakers, distribution boards, automation components, and process control equipment requires specialized expertise. So does test. Work with an experienced partner to ensure quality compliance and performance, while you focus on creating better products. 


Standardize Test to Accommodate
Multiple Product Variations.

By designing efficient, flexible stations, our customer was able to perform voltage drop, mechanical and dielectric testing in under 1 minute. See all the details in our project showcase!

Circuit Breaker Example

We teamed up with Schneider Electric to test the next generation of low-voltage switchboards. Read our case study to see how our tester reduces product lead time from 3 months to 72 hours!



Production volume is growing and ramp-up needs to be done faster than ever. Are you equipped with the right tools to meet your targets and deliver quality products?

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Digitization, Electrification & Sustainability

Testing Industrial Products of the Future

A Little Automation goes a Long Way...

By automating only a part of PCBA manufacturing, throughput can easily triple. Watch this video to see how this can fit on your production floor. Do you feel the need for speed? 


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Automation is the New Normal

A smarter, connected world is inevitable. Are your operations Industry 4.0 ready?


Success in Global Testing

International manufacturing is no easy task. The Averna Blog has some tips to share!


De-Risk your Supply Chain

 Find out what test strategies can be made to reduce the risk of an unreliable supply chain. 

Quality Solutions for Industrials

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