VR-AR-MR Calibration Platform

Customize and grow this automated quality solution with your application.

Deliver flawless products with a standardized alignment platform.

Product performance relies on perfect calibration. 

Standardize Virtual, Augmented and Mixed Reality Calibration

AR, VR and MR device calibration is critical for product performance. Leverage Averna’s standardized alignment platform to efficiently calibrate cameras and Inertial Measurement Unit (IMU) modules with supreme accuracy. Easily customize or upgrade the base platform into the automated quality solution to best fit your manufacturing requirements.

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Leveraging VR, AR, and MR practices in design and manufacturing are saving companies time and cost in game-changing ways. Implement the right alternative reality strategy to future-proof your brand and avoid supply chain delays.






IMU – Extrinsic Camera Calibration Equipment

Motion degrees of freedom

up to 4 degrees of freedom

Number of axes

4 (3 rotational, 1 linear)

Angular range rotational axis


Angular speed


Angular accuracy


Angular repeatability


Rotation wobble

<1 arc sec

Motion profile

<0,01° following error

<0,01° setpoint position overshoot

<0,1 sec in position after setpoint crossing.

<0,01° position interference between axes during motion

Gravity alignment


Linear range main axis intersection


Linear resolution


Gyroscope static vibration

<±5 mrad /s

Accelerometer static vibration

<±0.2 m /s²

Product interface

HDMI, USB-C, Ethernet …

Target dimensions


<0,3mm flatness

<0,1mm feature position accuracy

Target light source

 Visible LED light - >90% uniformity

IR LED light - >90% uniformity 

Loading / unloading

Manual by operator:
1 product per cycle

DUT & Carrier weight

Max 3000 gram

Ambient conditions


<80% humidity

External data interfaces

MES, OPC UA (TSN), TCP-IP, PLC connectors