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Deployable on-premises or in the cloud. 

Analytics & Reporting: Dashboards with charts and standard manufacturing reports: Yield, CPK Analysis, Defects Pareto, Cycle Time, Utilization, Fail & Repair, Trends, Genealogy, RMA, and more…  

Data Management: Automated collection, organization and storage; advanced navigation for root-cause analysis; XML-based data importing; local and remote deployment options. View detailed features > 

Are you getting the most from your valuable test data?

Many OEMs are not. Their data is spread across multiple test stations, often in different formats, requiring major work to manage it. With Proligent™ Analytics, your test results are automatically consolidated and available for real-time analysis. See trends as they’re breaking, drill-down to quickly locate and resolve issues, and have key product status’ at your fingertips for better decision-making.


An Award-Winning Business Intelligence Solution

Via more then 50 Web-based reports and charts, Proligent™ Analytics enables a central decision-support system that empowers your engineering, operations and QA staff to optimize product quality, asset utilization and supply-chain initiatives.


Multiple Deployment Options

Regardless of whether your operations are local or remote, Proligent™ Analytics is easily scalable, supporting all test stations and contract manufacturer (CM) sites.