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Off-the-shelf solution for simplified test data analysis.

Monitor local test stations and product performance.

Real-time dashboards providing KPI visibility including: Cpk analysis, throughput, cycle time quality and more.

Measurement reports with filtered export for off-line statistical analysis in spreadsheets.

Ready to use with Averna Launch and NI TestStand.

Insight into your Test Data

Proligent™ QuickView is an off-the-shelf solution to monitor local test stations and provide manufacturing insight into your product line. Ready-to-use with NI’s TestStand, benefit from both simplified dashboards and detailed measurement information to make better business decisions.

Information to Count On

Designed for small to medium-sized manufacturing facilities, Proligent™ QuickView delivers remote access up-to-date statistics regarding CPK analysis, throughput, cycle time, performance, quality, OEE, and more!

Proligent™ QuickView Benefits

  • Get reliable performance data through simplified dashboards on products & assets.
  • Protect your brand by detecting potential product issues.
  • Gain insight on manufacturing trends affecting your production line.
  • Out of the box and easy to install.
  • Expandable with Proligent Analytics and NI SystemLink.