Ensure the Highest Quality All Down the Line

Let us help you speed time to market while protecting your brand.



Our in-line solutions cover a wide range of complex electronic, industrial and consumer products such as PCBAs, injection-molded car & truck parts, batteries, food, film and printers.



Tap into our test, measurement and integration expertise to develop and integrate a highly efficient quality-control solution for your line and speed up production.



We offer automated and semi-automated in-line test systems with high-precision vision inspection to rapidly identify and eliminate flawed products.

In Line Test Production station with robotic arm

Completely Integrated Production Testing

This is where our integrated test, measurement, vision and automation expertise come together for impressive benefits. Sample customer projects include:

  • A 10-camera system that inspects and verifies products moving at 120-140 meters per minute
  • An advanced PCBA tester that performs multiple LED tests and measures voltage up to 120 channels
  • A semi-automated in-line system that verifies truck dashboard assemblies to ensure zero defects
  • A consumer product operation featuring simultaneous precision assembly (gluing) and in-line testing
  • A 24-camera setup for a Tier 1 automotive supplier to verify perfect ABS/brake calipers

Protecting Your Brand

With an Averna in-line test system, clients boost production/yields, catch defects invisible to the human eye, reduce equipment downtime, and ensure repeatable results.

Graph of improved results including yield, quantity and reduced downtime.

Isn’t it time you benefited from our global expertise?

Partnering with Averna lets you tap into the accumulated know-how and best practices from 5000+ Test & Quality projects.

Our In-Line Capabilities

  • PCBAs: Multi-channel and LED measurements (presence + color) and high voltage testing (3kV AC)
  • Flexible product adapters for handling different shapes and sizes of UUTs/DUTs and for quick changeovers
  • High-precision 2D and 3D cameras, including infrared, plus laser scanning (for example: defects detected at 1/100th of a millimeter)
  • Can include robotics, motion, precision assembly and packaging components
  • Are custom designed to accommodate high-volume and/or high-complexity
  • Touch-screen monitors and alerts for operators
  • Extensive industry, product and integration expertise built-in

Typical Benefits

  • Fully automated, in-line vision inspection harmonizes quality systems and improves results
  • Integrates seamlessly into production environments without slowing down operations
  • Identifies surface defects as well as flaws not visible to human operators
  • Eliminates numerous time-consuming calibration and manual procedures
  • Results are never subjective to operator on duty for improved consistency
  • Improved efficiency typically allows clients to expand production capacity

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