The client  →  A Leading Electric Vehicle Innovator.

What was built  →  A variety of test stations for battery validation, thermal management modules and vehicle dynamics modules.


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The Challenge

Ready to change the world, our customer was looking for ways to accelerate R&D and acquire the necessary governmental and safety approvals to get their product to market. Having designed their own test plan, they needed a partner with the resources and skill to execute it quickly on a larger scale. Seeing as these solutions were the first of their kind, it was necessary for them to use a partner with both the logistical and technical experience gained from thousands of test projects.


Types of Test Stations


Stations Delivered on Time


Weeks Between the First Phone Call and First Delivery


Cohesive Test Team


The Delivery Process

When it came time to execute the client did not have the full resources required to deliver the test stations in the timeline they needed. Five testers were designed for:

  • Battery management;
  • Battery power isolation;
  • Battery voltage temperature;
  • Thermal Management Modules;
  • Vehicle Dynamics Modules.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, supplies were not readily available. Having built relationships with instrumentation and component suppliers for over 20 years, Averna was able to all supplies, whether through connections built over the years, or technical expertise for suitable replacements. When the project was complete, 19 different stations were delivered on time, under the original cost estimation.   

Results & Benefits

  • b2p-replication-schema-680Test stations delivered ahead of schedule and under budget.  
  • Delays avoided by leveraging Averna's supply chain connections.
  • Averna's technical and instrumentation expertise found creative solutions for unavailable components.

Complete transparency throughout the project led to full awareness regarding schedule, technical progress, material changes, and actual expenditure