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Active Alignment of Camera Modules & Complex Optical Devices

Understand what it takes to achieve flawless manufacturing of complex optical devices such as camera modules, light engines and multibeam head lights using active alignment.
Take our crash course and see how vision and optical alignment deliver the highest quality, every time.

Rely on Our Expertise for Inspection, Positioning and Sorting

Huge advances in cameras, optics, lasers and lighting, combined with high-speed software and real-time image processing, provide product developers and OEMs with almost unlimited possibilities for product quality verification, validation, sorting and tracking.

In our in-house lab, we have a dedicated team of vision experts innovating the technology, to ensure we deliver our clients the most effective 2D or 3D solutions, helping them reach their production, quality and business goals.

Typical applications include inspecting (confirming correct product assembly and features), positioning (determining exact DUT locations for testing), traceability, classification (verifying zero-defect results while sorting and packing) and active alignment (glue application/ dispensing and measuring & functional assembly components).

Our Systems Quickly Get to Know Your Products

Our real-time image-processing expertise enables us to instantly identify defects based on real-time learning or through stored images, while providing immediate production and feedback control updates.

By integrating our vision inspection systems with machine-learning and artificial intelligent vision technology and statistical image-processing features, production solutions become more powerful and flexible over time.

Vision & Optical Product-Quality Solutions including

Camera module assembly ▪ Precision assembly technologies and systems ▪ ADAS camera module & assembly ▪ Light engines for displays ▪ Virtual reality calibration ▪ Multi beam head light assembly ▪ Micro mirror Assembly ▪ MEMS assembly ▪ DIE alignment ▪ Glue application ▪ Glue dispensing ▪ Dashboard inspection ▪ Mood light applications ▪ And more.

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