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A car's infotainment system can be synched to the consumer's mobile device for access and control of infotainment fucnctions, including Navigation, Connectivity, Radio, Video, Access to Contacts and any other feature available on a mobile device.

Product-Quality Solutions for Vehicles

Our test and quality experts work very closely with the world’s leading vehicle and component manufacturers (Tier 1/2 & OEMs) to ensure their products enhance the customer experience, increase safety, and provide superior performance.

Camera and Optical Device assembly is performed through active alignment using a vision system. Glue Dispensation and curing require highly accurate measurements.

Flawless Camera Module Assembly

Newer applications, such as mirrorless cars and autonomous vehicles, require total precision. We address these challenges with advanced platforms for camera module assembly, enabling high accuracy and throughput with state of the art optics.

The AST-1000, the all-in-one infotainment signal generator is testing multiple protocols, including radio, video, navigation (GPS, GNSS) and connectivity.

AST-1000 - All-in-One RF Signal Source for Infotainment

Get ahead of the curve with our award-winning RF hardware and software products. Learn how easy it is to generate all common radio, video, connectivity and navigation broadcast signals in use today.

Test Station Model for EV Application

The huge growth in demand for electric vehicles requires fast ramp up and better quality. Download this 30 minute webinar to learn about the top 3 challenges EV motor manufacturers are facing today and how to address each one.

With emerging technologies such as autonomous driving, advanced driver-assistance systems (ADAS), V2X and advanced infotainment systems, talk to our test and quality experts about keeping costs down while building the cars of tomorrow.

Sketch of a car both receiving and sending RF Signals, representing smart, connected cars including autonomous driving, ADAS, Radar, Lidar and more.

Proven Turnkey Test Solutions & Global Support

Maintain quality and reliability while scaling maturing technologies

Learn More About our Advanced Automotive Test and Quality Solutions 

Cover of a Customer Success Story for Helvoet who required a high Speed Vision system for product testing, pass- fail sorting, & data management for high performance.

Success Story

Download this success story on a fully automated vision and handling system that ensures perfect auto parts.

Video cover displaying the AST-1000 Infotainment Signal Generator, designed to generate all protocols for infotainement testing, including: Radio, Video, Navigation (GPS, GNSS) and connectivity (wifi, bluetooth, 5g)


Watch this video to learn how Averna’s Signal Tester, can generate all common radio signals, as well as simulate all common GNSS signals.

Cover art displaying a case study on a leading OEM for the improvement of Radar testing for ADAS and collision avoidance.

Success Story

Learn how Averna redesigned a production site to cut test time by 50% and eliminate bottlenecks and breakdowns.

Product-Quality Solutions for Vehicles

Radios, GPS and infotainment units ▪ Active Alignment ▪ Camera Assembly ▪ Radar, collision avoidance, and advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) ▪ Active safety ▪ Autonomous driving and connected cars ▪ HIL system integration ▪ ECU, data-relay, braking and communications units ▪ EV batteries and components ▪ Vehicle dashboards and assembly▪ Brake calipers ▪ TNET modules and MDL subsystems ▪ Active wheel speed sensors (AWSSs) ▪ Vessel positioning systems ▪ And more.
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