Six Ways We Improve Products & Processes

Discover how our vision experts and track record ensure major ongoing benefits.


Our vision systems are both faster and more accurate than human inspection and can examine 1,000+ units per minute while eliminating defective ones.


Our expertise in machine-learned vision inspection and statistical image-processing means your Averna solution will get smarter all the time.


We can design and integrate anything from a one-camera inspection or measurement system to a fully automated vision-guided manufacturing solution.

Camera in a high-speed feature and defect detection station

Feature & Defect Detection

Do you need to ensure the integrity of your products? Want to remove damaged or incomplete units from production? Our smart vision systems quickly identify, at speeds up to 1800 parts/minute, all units with flaws or missing features before they can hurt your brand.


Measurement & Identification

Ensure your products have in-spec dimensions and correct labels, logos, bar codes and serial numbers. With a combination of 1D, 2D and 3D measurement and scan solutions in our turnkey solutions, we measure to the micrometer level and perform OCR/OCV to make sure all units conform exactly to specifications.

Camera in a high-speed measurement & identification stationation
Physical Alignment & Positioning test station

Physical Alignment & Positioning

In so many manufacturing processes, 2D and 3D component alignment and positioning are critical for correct product analysis. Learn more about our vision guided motion solutions that quickly and accurately position products and measurement probes for applications like MEMs actuators, silicon devices and sensors.


Color Analysis & Display Validation

Benefit from our extensive expertise in spectral, hyper spectral and imaging technology in combination with special designed illumination and optical systems for applications such as displays, AR/VR devices, dashboard illumination, medical imaging and surface analysis. Our turnkey solutions serve development and production environments for product validation, adjustment and calibration.

Color analysis & display validation station
Active alignment assembly & verification station

Active Alignment & Verification

In many manufacturing processes, 2D and 3D component alignment and positioning are critical for right product operations and performance. Learn more about our fully automated active alignment solutions that quickly and accurately assemble products like camera modules, inkjet heads, µdisplays, die based sensors, HID lamps and other high-end products.


Vision-Guided Manufacturing

At dozens of global manufacturing sites, clients rely on our vision-based systems to guide assembly, sorting, probing and gluing processes, and verify top product quality in automotive, medical, consumer and other sectors.

Vision-guided precision assembly station for manufacturing

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Vision Inspection Expertise & Services

  • High-speed, real-time 2D & 3D vision solutions down to submicron/nanometer levels
  • Machine-learned vision processing
  • Line-scan inspection and integration
  • Preferred System Integrator for ViDi Suite
  • Automated high-speed 3D laser profile measurement down to 1.5μm
  • High-speed solutions in the micrometer range at speeds of up to 600 meters/minute
  • Photometric stereo 3D, statistical image processing, and spectroscopy
  • Full automation and 24/7 operation options
  • Easy integration into machinery (OEM) or production lines
  • Vision solution integration (National Instruments, Halcon, Cognex, Keyence, ViDi Suite, etc.)

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