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Not all ATEs are built alike. Averna’s solutions integrate more than 20 years of multi-industry expertise. In fact, our smart and fast testers power production and repair lines around the world. With 7000+ successful projects behind us, you can expect great automation features, smart fixtures, ergonomic designs, small footprints, vendor discounts, easy updates and more.


Don’t cut corners when it comes to quality. Insist on the best instruments, flexibility for evolving products, and robustness for automated production. That’s why so many Global 1000s insist on Averna ATEs when it’s time to verify market-ready quality for their product lines.


Anyone can buy test station components. But it takes a seasoned integrator like Averna to fluidly assemble and tailor them exactly to your specifications, while giving you the benefit of hard-earned test & measurement success across industries and around the world.

Averna UTS-1500X Compact Test Station

Averna UTS-1500X Compact Test Station

Chassis and Instruments

This is where it begins – rack and instrument selection. Sometimes our clients know exactly what they want, other times we make design and component recommendations based on test types, product mix, and budget. But one thing’s clear – to test and measure electronic products, you need robust hardware.

That’s why we procure and integrate only the best and most reliable racks and instruments, typically sourced from our longstanding partners – National Instruments and Keysight Technologies – or other reliable vendors.

And while most test vendors can assemble a test station, with Averna you get the added value of our hard-won expertise and best practices for instrument selection, cabling/wiring, access, safety and ergonomic features. And client support that is second to none.

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DetailsChassis and Instruments

  • Full- or half-size chassis – footprint optimized for contract manufacturer (CM) sites
  • Environmental (ESS), Burn-in, Functional and many other types of test stations
  • High-performance test and measurement instruments (PXI, PXIe, VST/FPGA, etc.)
  • Averna award-winning RF test instruments such as URTs with RF toolkits
  • Flexible architecture, extra capacity, simplified wiring, easy access, many safety features
  • Legacy hardware upgrades (repurposing, conversion, parts, support)


  • Flexible, cost-effective test instruments for maximum return on investment (ROI)
  • Industry-standard hardware and parts make stations easy to maintain and upgrade
  • Numerous ergonomic features for fast UUT loading/unloading and better workflow
  • Access to Averna hardware expertise and availability of preferential vendor pricing

Fixtures, Chambers & Test Beds

The days of hardwired fixtures are almost over. Today you can get much more value out of your test station and lower instrument costs with a flexible fixturing approach. Consider putting more test intelligence into fixtures and make them swappable to suit your needs as products evolve.

With our strong focus on high value and efficiency, we design smart fixturing systems that optimize instrument usage, speed UUTs through automated test routines, reduce wear and tear, and simplify production line changeovers and updates

Tester with maximized throughput with parallel processing

Maximized throughput with parallel processing (two or more UUTs)

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DetailsFixtures, Chambers & Test Beds

  • Smart, swappable fixtures and flexible test beds
  • Multi-site setups, including multi-threading
  • Long-wire, short wire, and wireless
  • Bed-of-nails for in-circuit testing (ICT)
  • RF, high-speed digital, and thermal designs
  • SolidWorks design expertise and global manufacturing (e.g., US, Mexico, China)
  • Multiple options for mass interconnects (VPC, MAC Panel) and harnesses
  • Built-in self-test (BIST) fixtures and calibration tools


  • Maximized throughput with parallel processing (two or more UUTs)
  • Architected for automated testing and minimal UUT manipulation
  • Built-in intelligent, product-specific components save on instrument costs
  • A single test station can test multiple products, maximizing return on investment (ROI)
Picture of Averna Launch GUI

Averna Launch – Automated, Parallel Testing


Industry-Standard Software

Software innovation is a big part of our success. We’re constantly solving client challenges with new approaches ─ leaner code, better instrument control, faster processing, easier upgrades, less rework, smoother interoperability, and smarter data collection.

Using industry-standard software, we know how to optimize hardware and drive automation, quality, and efficiency results. And most turnkey projects mean a clean handover of the source code and documentation, so your own team can efficiently update it as your test needs evolve.

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DetailsIndustry-Standard Software

  • Test spec development, testability and test coverage/yield analysis (TestWay)
  • Prefunctional test coverage analysis and strategies (ICT, Flying Probe, AOI, X-ray, Boundary Scan, etc.)
  • NI TestStand, LabVIEW, C++, C#, .NET, and Java software development and integration
  • Embedded software solutions, including LabVIEW FPGA expertise
  • 125+ NI-certified TestStand and LabVIEW developers, architects and instructors
  • Averna Launch Test Executive with automated parallel testing to speed production and maximize instrument use
  • Off-the-shelf Proligent Analytics for test-data management, including standard charts and reports


  • Software automation optimizes test instruments and improves product quality and throughput
  • Integration of SOPs creates paperless processes and eliminates shop-floor improvisation
  • Concise and timely reports (yields, defects, CPK analysis, throughput, etc.) accelerate decision-making
  • Turnkey implementations based on industry-standard software simplify client updates

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