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Stay Focused on Test

Save time and money by unifying all your test data with a single, customizable platform.

Receive real-time feedback in the user-friendly interface to make proactive business decisions. 

Industry established off-the-shelf software, ready to install for any test setup.

Use Averna Launch add-on Test Plan Editor to easily build and edit test scenarios with reusable blocks.

Smart Software for Smart Results

Averna Launch is the most intuitive test executive on the market. This smart software automatically detects any unit under test and runs the designated test sequences as predetermined by you. By simply scanning a serial number, Averna Launch knows what data matters to your product & your business.

Simplified Reporting

Averna Launch gathers the complete data from every unit under test, including information that can not be found using standard test management software. With multiple views on how to access the data, simplify your results with easy-to-read reports in addition to real-time results as test sequences are running. 

Create and Modify Test Plans Safely

With Test Plan Editor anyone can create and modify new scenarios safely, with no programming required. Tests can be adapted quickly and easily for different products with countless input parameters, variants and scenarios.

Averna Launch Benefits

  • Complete control over NI TestStand test sequence execution with 4 default user authentication groups.
  • Configurable multi-DUT support for parallel testing with multiple views available. 
  • Configurable mapping between serial number and NI TestStand test sequence file, with test selection capability.
  • Automated barcode detection for serial number data entry and automation of test start. 
  • Live test progress updates and integrated report viewer with a configurable test report email. 
  • Integrated Pass/Fail counters for simple statistics. 
  • Remote API.
  • Includes development templates and examples. 
  • Configurable multilingual support.