Image of ConnexThing Toolkit running on a laptop. It is the link between NI TestStand and PTC ThingWorx

Better reporting for complete test data analysis.

Monitor local test stations and product performance with data consolidation.

Simplified dashboards providing KPI visibility.

Insight into your Test Data

Proligent™ QuickView is an off-the-shelf solution to monitor local test stations and provide manufacturing insight into your product line. Ready-to-use with NI’s TestStand, benefit from both simplified dashboards and detailed serial number information to make better business decisions.

Information to Count On

Designed for small to medium-sized manufacturing facilities, Proligent™ QuickView delivers remote access up-to-date statistics regarding throughput, cycle time, performance, quality, OEE, and more!

Proligent™ QuickView Highlights

  • Get reliable performance data through simplified dashboards on products & assets.
  • Protect your brand by detecting potential product issues and avoid returns and recalls.
  • Gain insight on manufacturing trends affecting your production line.
  • Easy to integrate and configure into every manufacturing setup.
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