Image of Averna Deploy, the test package manager Automatically deploys new code packages on all test stations and Assets, with added traceability. It will  guarantee your test stations and assets are running on the latest configured code.

The Right Code on the Right Station.

Save time by updating all Stations and Test Assets with a single deployment tool.

Prevent inconsistencies with the assurance that software is always up to date.

Ready to easily integrate into any test setup.

Confidence in your Test Data

Averna Deploy ensures your most recent code will automatically be deployed on all test stations and assets throughout your factories. This intelligent software also prevents tests from running on any station that is not up-to-date, guaranteeing your data is always accurate and consistent. A flexible tool, Averna Deploy allows the user to select the code they require on the asset they need. 

Simple to Integrate into any Test Project 

With a couple of clicks, Averna Deploy easily incorporates into every project using an intuitive executable. An API is built-in to configure the default flow of commands to best suit your test process. Test code will be automatically deployed to stations and assets as defined by the user, remaining traceable for auditing and follow-up. 

Averna Deploy Benefits

  • Save time by automatically deploying the right code on the right test stations and assets with one tool.
  • Prevent inconsistencies with the assurance the software is always up to date.
  • Easy to integrate into any project.
  • Adds traceability to the deployed code with automatic logging of all activities. 
  • Configurable to the users’ needs.
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