Warranty & Support Terms / FAQ | Warranty & Support Policy

Averna is committed to the highest standards of support offered to its customers. This Standard Customer Warranty & Support Policy (“Support Policy”) may be subject to revisions and updates by Averna, at its sole discretion.


1. Application

The following Support Policy applies to all Averna products and systems. Beyond the original warranty period or any purchased extension thereof, the support policy is offered to customers and will vary depending on the support package selected. Contact your Averna Sales representative for prices and further details.

1.1 Communication

Customers are provided with a Web-based support portal (in some regions requests may be done via e-mail) to report problems, request repairs and support, and to ask for help using our products or systems. Questions and feedback can also be made via the Web portal. All requests entered will be updated online with a unique identifier (case number) and the customer will be able to review the status and progress of their requests.

Customer Support representatives will respond directly via the Web portal. Critical information such as step-by-step instructions, suggested modifications, software components as well as shipping information and part numbers will be stored directly within the online request.

The customer will receive an automated email notification when an activity occurs on their case number. Customers that would like to have multiple-user access to the Web portal will have to provide an email distribution list to be used as the primary email address for the Web portal (e.g., averna-support@companyname.com). This will allow the customer to add and remove users from this email distribution list at any time.

The Web portal is available via support.averna.com.

 1.2 Web Portal Information

Through the Web portal, the customer will have access to:

  • Request history, as well as any and all questions, opened or closed cases, current status (in troubleshooting, in testing, etc.). Furthermore, customers will always have access to the resolution proposed by the Customer Support team.
  • Solutions to common issues, release notes, product manuals, general instructions and FAQs.
  • Obsolescence notices: Averna will, to the extent possible, keep its customers informed of obsolescence and offer a suitable replacement, when possible and appropriate.


2. Warranty & Support Requests

2.1 Nature of Requests

As part of this Support Policy, the Averna Customer Support representative can:

  • Help with the diagnosis of problems or performance deficiencies of the software or hardware.
  • To the extent possible, resolve the problems or deficiencies and provide workaround procedures when and where applicable.
  • Provide software patches or updates as necessary.
  • Remotely assist the user for installation of updates.

2.2 Support Request Prioritization

All support requests will be treated in chronological order and by severity level. All requests will have a severity level that is assigned by the customer in accordance with Table 1 below. The levels are:

Severity Level Example of Symptom Averna Product Status
1. Critical Product unresponsive, data/results corrupted, complete hardware failure. Product is not functional, production or business activities are stopped or severely impacted.
2. Urgent Product responsive, but with limitations, data/results corrupted. Product is functional, production or business activities are severely impacted, potential production-down situation.
3. Normal Unexpected error messages, data inconsistencies, minor hardware failures. Product is functional but with limitations, usage is affected, unit does not perform as per specifications.
4. Low Lacks user friendliness, cosmetic problem, new feature request. Product is functional, does not affect usage.

Table 1 / Request Severity Levels

Prioritization of requests does not guarantee a resolution time since that is dependent upon the nature of the request. Even though Averna cannot commit to a specified delay for resolution of the issues, we will make reasonable efforts to resolve the issues in a timely fashion.

2.3 Support Request Response Times

Requests are treated during normal business hours, 8:30 am to 5:30 pm local time, excluding local holidays. Customers can use the Web portal to create requests at any time. The response time will vary depending on the purchased support package.


3. RMA Services

Requests for repairs and RMAs are made directly in the Web portal. Critical information such as shipping information, repair quotes, POs and part numbers will be stored with the online request history.

3.1 Parts Repair (Return Merchandise Authorization – RMA)

Averna will, to the extent reasonably possible, repair customer parts within thirty (30) business days from receipt at Averna’s facilities. Note that this period may be impacted by third-party parts to be ordered, over which Averna has no control. If the parts are not under a current product warranty or extended warranty, Averna will provide a reasonable cost estimate and request a purchase order or official written approval before performing the repair. A minimum charge of $750.00 for all inspections or repairs will be applied outside the warranty period. Additional repair costs will be presented to the customer for approval once the repair goods are received at our facility for analysis.

Customers with a current annual subscription will have their RMA and support requests treated in priority over those without an annual subscription.

3.2 Shipping

For repairs under a current warranty, the customer is responsible for transportation costs to Averna’s facility, and Averna will cover the return transportation at its own cost. For repairs not under a current warranty, the customer is responsible for all transportation and other handling fees.

3.3 Spare Parts

Averna highly recommends that customers keep critical spare parts on hand to ensure continuous and safe operation of the product. Averna does not inventory spare parts. Spare and replacement parts are subject to manufacturer lead times.

Averna will be pleased to propose a recommended list of spare parts (that might generally include items such as controllers, signal generators, DIO, measurement acquisition devices, custom interfaces, network adapter cards, etc.).

Spare parts will be warrantied for the remainder of the original warranty or 30 days, whichever is longer. No warranty is provided for consumable or expendable parts. A list of the consumable or expendable parts can be provided upon request.


4. Exclusions

  • Travel and living expenses incurred by Averna for performing warranty work on-site.
  • Consumable and expendable components as well as normal wear and tear.
  • Lead times related to spare and replacement parts.
  • Defects relating to modifications (to hardware or software) or operator error.
  • Defects resulting from improper installation or care, lack of training, neglect, misuse or usage contrary to the specifications or the operating instructions provided by Averna, unauthorized repairs or maintenance, virus introduction, damage during transportation, or any cause other than normal use of the Product or Custom-Designed System.
  • Defects found in or caused by third-party software, components and/or services.
  • Defects attributable to environmental conditions or a change in conditions that is detrimental or hazardous to the operation of the Product or Custom-Designed System.
  • Defects attributable to failure to complete software or hardware updates stipulated by Averna.
  • Changes to the device under test, such as hardware, firmware or specifications.
  • System configuration and calibration, adjustment of parameters carried out in order to meet performance criteria, maintenance, troubleshooting and/or guaranteed response times.
  • Troubleshooting, analysis and diagnosis of any equipment and/or software not supplied and/or delivered by Averna as part of the system.

Any warranty or support requests that do not result in a covered warrantied defect as the root cause will result in time and materials charges at the current Averna rates. Out-of-scope requests may be addressed through Averna’s other service offerings or on a time and materials basis.

Important note: Any modifications made to the Product or Custom-Designed System in any way will automatically void the warranty. Warranty will also be voided for misuse, unauthorized repairs or maintenance, third-party furnished software, components or equipment. These actions may also result in voiding your customer support contract if it is being provided as an annual subscription.


5. Customer Responsibilities

5.1 Network Link

All requests are handled remotely, by telephone and/or network link. Customer Support representatives will need to use tools such as Windows Remote Desktop or TeamViewer to connect remotely. The customer must provide the telecommunication interface necessary to perform such a connection.

5.2 Trained Personnel On-Site

Customers are required to have on-site knowledgeable and trained personnel who can assist in the troubleshooting and problem-resolution phase, as well as being able to carry out specific instructions directly on the products or systems.

A request may require repeated interventions to troubleshoot and install fixes.

The customer must troubleshoot IT maintenance-related causes such as network problems, insufficient hard-drive capacity and hardware failure, prior to placing a request.

5.3 Product Handling

The customer must operate the product in compliance with Averna’s operating, maintenance, overhaul or other approved instructions and documentation.

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