Averna Releases New Smart Data Management Solution

Proligent™ QuickView is now Available for Every Test Manufacturing Setup.

Montreal, Canada, June 30 – Averna, the leading global Test & Quality Solutions provider, announced today they have released new smart data analytics software, Proligent™ QuickView. QuickView is an abridged adaptation of Averna’s original test data management tool, award-winning Proligent™ Analytics.Proligent QuickView

Proligent™ QuickView offers customers easy access to product and asset performance. Through a clean and easy-to-read dashboard, users quickly receive valuable KPI information regarding their manufacturing status. By monitoring values such as quality, availability, cycle time and throughput, operators, engineers, and management are positioned to flag potential issues and make better business decisions.

“While Proligent™ Analytics is an extremely comprehensive business intelligence solution, we have noticed that many of our customers were looking for a simplified data analysis tool.” Explains Mathieu Bélanger, Industry 4.0 Team Leader. “Our global customers profit from a deep-dive analysis of their hundreds of test stations across multiple sites, other customers simply needed a reliable tool to deliver insight into local manufacturing.”

Additional Proligent™ QuickView Benefits include:
 Visibility on essential KPIs through a simplified dashboard, searchable by date;
• Detailed measurements by serial number with clear pass/fail data;
• Easy installation, compatible with National Instrument’s TestStand;
• Ideal for smaller to medium size manufacturing.

In addition to the Proligent™ series of analytics software, Averna offers a full suite of Industry 4.0 management tools including Averna Launch, Averna Deploy and ConnexThing. For more information on any of these products, please visit Averna’s website.

About Averna

As a global Test & Quality Solution leader, Averna partners with product designers, developers and OEMs to help them achieve higher product quality, accelerate time to market and protect their brands. Founded in 1999, Averna offers specialized expertise and innovative test, vision inspection, precision assembly and automated solutions that deliver substantial technical, financial and market benefits for clients in the aerospace, automotive, consumer, defense, life sciences, semiconductor, telecom and other industries. Averna has offices around the world, numerous industry certifications and registrations such as ITAR, and is partnered with National Instruments, PTC, Keysight Technologies and JOT Automation.

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