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The AST-1000, the all-in-one infotainment signal generator is testing multiple protocols, including radio, video, navigation (GPS, GNSS) and connectivity.


Are you fully benefiting from the value of the test data coming out of production? Proligent Analytics consolidates all data produced by smart factories, smart assets and smart products, transforming digital thread into user-friendly reports and dashboards. See why Proligent has been helping make better business decisions for over 15 years.

AVERNA ConnexThing

Complete with ThingWorx templates, widgets and more, the ConnexThing toolkit provides a simple link between National Instrument’s TestStand and PTC’s ThingWorx. Monitor test stations and manage assets using a customizable dashboard tool with quick bi-directional communication between both platforms. Try it today for free!

Image of the URT-5000 Signal Player & Generator which plays back any RF files recorded with an RF recorder or generates any RF Protocols with Averna's Software Toolkits

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