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Complete DOCSIS 3.1 Test Coverage for Your CPE

Today, many organizations the world over have standardized on Jupiter, making it an integral part of their DOCSIS certification success.

Averna has integrated CableLabs© DOCSIS 3.1 acceptance test plan (ATP) for the physical (PHY) layer into the Jupiter 310. With automated PHY tests, a Test Plan Editor, an update module and built-in reports, Jupiter indicates exactly when your CPE products are ready for certification.

Integrated DOCSIS 3.1 PHY Tests

Test Case Transmission Description
PHY 30 Downstream Downstream Input
PHY 31 Downstream Error Rate Performance Tests
PHY 32 Upstream Upstream Transmitter Capabilities
PHY 33 Upstream Upstream Transmit Output Power
PHY 34* Upstream Upstream Noise and Spurs with Transmitted Burst On
PHY 35* Upstream Upstream Noise and Spurs with Transmitted Burst Off
PHY 36 Upstream Upstream Ranging and Equalization
PHY 38 Upstream Upstream Transmitter Burst Flatness
PHY 39 Upstream Cable Modem Timing and Synchronization
PHY 40 Upstream Proactive Network Maintenance

* Jupiter 310 provides the capability of testing special 5-45MHz CMs; the spurious emission requirements and test sequences are approved by Kyrio.


Certification labs, MSOs and CPE makers use Jupiter 310 to speed up design verification and get their products to market faster.