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Iridium Test Coverage and Supported Test Cases

The Averna Iridium PLTS supports the following test cases with in-band and wide-band options.* See also Supported Iridium Production Tests below.

Test Case Description In-Band Wide Band
BER % BER at a variable input level (dBm)
BER 2% Sensitivity Determines input level (dBm) required for 2% BER
BER with Interference BER with alternate and adjacent interference  
Receiver Blocking Receiver spurious rejection and blocking  
RSSI Returns UUT RSSI per input level (dBm)
FER Determines % FER based upon frames with failed synchronization to downlink
Modulation Accuracy (EVM) Measures peak and RMS EVM between 0.5 and 10%
Tx Power Tx power in dBm
Burst Ramp Time Measurements for ramp time and fall time in uS
ACCP Measures adjacent channel power in adjacent and alternate channels over specified bandwidth (43.33 kHz)
Narrow Band Spectral Mask Applies narrowband spectral mask measurements for Iridium transceivers within 1 MHz of desired channel
PRE-COMPLIANCE Wideband Spurious Emissions Measures emissions up to 3 GHz and applies appropriate regulatory limits  

* Based on 20 MHz band centered at 1621 MHz, 41.6667 KHz channel bandwidth, and 8.28mS Tx burst in 90 mS frame.

Supported Iridium Production Tests

Our 9603/9603N Iridium production test system supports the following:Averna's Iridium Physical Layer Test System for Production (PLTS)

  • Firmware check
  • Baseband UART digital tests
  • RX calibration
  • RX bandwidth measurements
  • RX noise-floor measurements
  • BER
  • Transmitter current
  • TX closed-loop RF power tuning
  • TX EVM
  • GPS pass-through

Iridium labs, product designers and equipment makers use our Iridium solutions to speed up design verification, verify device performance and get their products to market faster.