Averna is Now a SystemLink™ Platinum Alliance Partner

Averna Continues to Invest in Smart Data Management for Industry 4.0.

Montreal, Canada, February 18 Averna a long-time National Instruments’ Platinum Alliance Partner, announced they have achieved an additional specialty focus for the new SystemLink™ software suite.

Alliance Partner Program Systemlink Platinum2SystemLink™ was developed by National Instruments as a tool to help engineers and engineering management navigate through Industry 4.0. It simplifies tasks such as software deployment, device configuration, system monitoring, and data management. The software suite is extensible, allowing users to select the modules that best suit their test and/or factory requirements and continue to build on to it, if required.

Mathieu Bélanger, Industry 4.0 product manager at Averna stated, “I am very proud of our engineering team. We have already achieved multiple SystemLink ™ badges, with more to come. This is exactly the direction Averna wants to go to continue supporting our clients through their transition to Smart Factories and more importantly, maintaining them.”

Product Highlights of SystemLink™ include:

  • Improving operational efficiency through Intelligent Automation.
  • Gaining visibility on overall test operations through dynamic dashboards and reporting tools.
  • Acceleration of troubleshooting with root-cause identification analysis tools.
  • Automated record-keeping for additional traceability of all smart data.

Founded in 1976, National Instruments has developed high-performance automated test and measurement equipment worldwide. Averna is an award-winning National Instruments Platinum Alliance Partner with specialties in Migrations & Upgrades, RF and Wireless and now, SystemLink ™. Averna also has dedicated test data management tools including, Proligent Analytics, Averna Launch and Averna Deploy.

About Averna

As a global Test & Quality Solution leader, Averna partners with product designers, developers and OEMs to help them achieve higher product quality, accelerate time to market and protect their brands. Founded in 1999, Averna offers specialized expertise and innovative test, vision inspection, precision assembly and automated solutions that deliver substantial technical, financial and market benefits for clients in the aerospace, automotive, consumer, defense, life sciences, semiconductor, telecom and other industries. Averna has offices around the world, numerous industry certifications and registrations such as ITAR, and is partnered with National Instruments, PTC, Keysight Technologies and JOT Automation.

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