Averna Announces Software Release for DP-1000 DOCSIS Protocol Analyzer

DP-1000 is the only mixed-mode DOCSIS 3.0/3.1 sniffer available on the market, allowing capture and monitoring of channels of different types

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Montreal, Canada, June 5, 2018 Avernaa leading global Test & Quality Solutions provider, announced today a new software release for the DP-1000 DOCSIS Protocol Analyzer, featuring simultaneous capture of 2 upstream D3.1 channels.

Averna’s DOCSIS Protocol Analyzer is the industry standard for functional D3.0 and 3.1 network analysis, providing exceptional visibility into the MAC layer. Multiple system operators (MSOs) and certification bodies use Averna instruments to quickly find and correct trouble spots.

Averna’s DP-1000 Protocol Analyzer is the only mixed-mode, dual DOCSIS 3.0/3.1 sniffer available on the market, allowing simultaneous capture and monitoring of channels of different types (DS 3.0, DS 3.1, US 3.0, US 3.1 channels). Furthermore, it is the only tool used by major CPE Chipset suppliers as well as the lead certification lab.

“Our DP-1000 Protocol Analyzer is recognized as the reference tool for troubleshooting DOCSIS 3.0/3.1 networks – it is the only tool used by both the lead Certification Lab and Tier 1 Chipset suppliers for DOCSIS protocol analysis,” commented Jean-Levy Beaudoin, Vice President Platforms & Innovation for Averna. “Our Protocol Analyzer is designed to handle both new D3.1 challenges as well as current D3.0 deployments, and help providers maintain networks with the highest quality of service.”

To learn more about the DP-1000 DOCSIS Protocol Analyzer, visit the DP-1000 page.
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Pricing and Availability
The new DP-1000 software release is available at no cost to customers with a valid DP-1000 maintenance and support agreement. Please contact Averna Customer Support for details.

New DP-1000 Release Highlights
• Simultaneous capture of 2 upstream 3.1 channels
• Real-time capture of MAC messages for DS 3.1 channels, leading to improved capture length & file opening time
• Real-time filtering on message types, allowing to capture only messages of interest

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