The huge growth in demand for electric vehicles requires fast ramp up and better quality. Download this 30 minute webinar to learn about the top 3 challenges EV motor manufacturers are facing today and how to address each one.

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Reduce the Risk for Rotating Parts

High-Speed and High-Power Test Expertise

Accelerate product development and manufacturing by speaking with our eDyno experts. Have every EV motor from your facility deliver top performance every time.


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See what other innovations we have designed and developed for EV applications such as inverters, DC – DC modules, On Board Charges (OBC), Battery Management Solutions (BMS/TMS), actuators, Power Distribution Units (PDU), and other power electronic modules


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Electric Bus Charging

e-Mobility Keeps on Growing

Cities are embracing electric buses. It's time to understand the impact.

EV Test Platform with Operator

It’s Time to Automate EV Test

Don't waste time testing power electronics. Leverage the power of reusability!

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The Growth of EV and its Challenges

 What changes need to be made to accommodate the latest industry challenges?

Product-Quality Solutions for Electric Vehicles

Safety & insulation testing ▪ Functional test (FCT) ▪ Manufacturing test ▪ In-line testing ▪ Test automation ▪ Camera assembly ▪ Vision inspection ▪ 2D Inspection ▪ 3D Pin inspection ▪ Hipot test ▪ Vibration ▪ High-Voltage (HV) ▪ High current testing / connection / switching ▪ Thermal chambers ▪ Cooling systems ▪ Acoustic chambers ▪ Radar, collision avoidance, and advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) ▪ High-speed / High power ▪ Leak verification ▪ Advanced optical inspection (AOI) ▪ Laser marking ▪ Engine control unit (ECU) ▪ EV batteries ▪ Battery simulator ▪ Energy recovery ▪ Chargers & handles ▪ Power electronics ▪ DC - DC modules ▪ Inverters ▪ On board chargers (OBC) ▪ Circuit breakers (CB) ▪ Cyclers ▪ Thermoregulation ▪ eDyno ▪ EV Motors & small motors ▪ Actuators ▪ Battery Management Solutions (BMS/TMS) ▪ Battery sorting ▪ Battery cell ▪ Battery module ▪ Battery pack ▪ Power distribution units (PDU) ▪ Flexible software platform ▪ Audio ▪ NVH ▪ And more.