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A solider is communicating to the field via ethernet to send specific location targets.

Compliant with all Industry Standards

With over 20 years experience with Aerospace and Defense projects, our comprehensive offering includes consulting, automated test equipment (ATE), fixtures, thermal chambers, signal generators and RF record-and-playback systems.

A soldier is wearing Virtual Reality (VR) glasses to simulate a specific GNSS pinpointed location leveraging a virtual touchscreen.

Test Solutions for Mil-Aero

We work with some of the most advanced defense and aerospace organizations in the world, helping them automate, integrate and test increasingly complex challenges while always ensuring the highest quality and performance. 

Photograph of the RP-6500, the all-in-one RF Record & Playback Solution with Real-Time GNSS Simulation and SATCOM signal generator, designed to support advanced Satellite Navigation applications. It enables wideband RF record and playback, for the whole GNSS Spectrum, up to 500 MHz, across frequencies from 9 kHz to 6 GHz.

Need Up to 500 MHz of Bandwidth?

The RP-6500 is the ideal platform to cover your present and future requirements. By enabling record and playback up to 500MHz across the RF spectrum from 9 kHz to 6 GHz, it is built for multi-constellation GNSS applications and signal generation

Averna’s extensive expertise and rigorous processes deliver end-to-end systems that thoroughly test products to exact specifications – on time and on budget.

Sketch of a round RADAR screen resembling a target. There are certain points detected with the RADAR.

Proven Turnkey Test Solutions

We assist our customers at every stage – from design validation and prototyping, through production and repair.

Learn More About our Aerospace and Defense Test and Quality Solutions 

Cover page of a case study from a successfully execute project by Averna to test RF communication devices.

Case Study

Download our case study on ensuring optimal performance for military-grade RF devices.

Cover for Case Study for a project successfully performed by Averna to implement a smart data management system for an Aerospace leader. By manipulating the digital thread produced, it acts as a digital twin in a world headed towards industry 4.0.

Customer Success Story

Learn how avionics manufacturer CMC access real-time standardized test results.

Cover of the brochure describing the RP-6500, a record and playback signal generator and GNSS simulator. It covers the entire GNSS spectrum and plays back the signals in a controlled lab.

RP-6500 Brochure

The RP-6500 enables recording and playback up to 500MHz across the RF spectrum.

Innovative Test Solutions for Advanced Systems

Radios and communication devices ▪ Flight controls and avionics equipment ▪ Radar and satellite systems ▪ Military and shipping communications ▪ Air traffic control ▪ Electronic control units (ECU) ▪ Auxiliary power units (APU) ▪ Hardware-In-the-Loop (HIL) ▪ And more.
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Averna's leading Test & Quality solutions ensure client products get to quality, market and margin faster than ever.