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When a company decides to create a high-tech product to release into the world, test is commonly viewed as an afterthought. The fact is, no one wants to do it, they have to do it. The impact that test makes on a company’s success is significant but is only truly felt when something goes wrong. By not planning for test alongside the product itself, you’re later forced to fit it into an existing ecosystem. This creates complications and costs such as:

- Hiring personnel with the right expertise.

- Accommodating R&D or the manufacturing floor.

- Acquiring the right equipment to get the job done.

- Releasing a product on time at the required volume.

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Business Process Outsourcing or BPO is defined as a method of subcontracting business-related operations to a third party. By partnering with a company that wants your program to succeed as much as you do, you unlock the key to delivering better products at a reduced cost.

The Advantages of an Outsourceable Test Department

How BPO for Test Works



Who should consider outsourcing test?

At what stage should test be outsourced?

How much does outsourcing cost?

Where is the value in BPO?

What about data privacy?

Why not work with a CM that offers bundled packages that include test?


The Advantages of an Outsourceable Test Department

Test is the best kept secret for any company. You don’t feel the value of it until there’s a problem. As a result, it is often pushed aside and only dealt with when necessary. This makes implementing test properly more complicated and costly.

BPO opens the door to companies to innovative resources that they couldn’t easily access before. During a product push, new release or business high, it is common for there to be a hiring blitz and invest in new personnel who are starting from scratch. These people may not have the expertise to know what to do or what is needed. This training and ramp-up time may be well spent until there is a shift and layoffs begin.

Visionary companies see through this vicious cycle and get ahead of it. By forming a partnership with an established team, they avoid:

  • Wasteful over-hiring.
  • Time-consuming training.
  • Costly layoffs.

A test partner like Averna comes with the technical expertise to recognize potential risks in product design and execution and avert disaster. We create the right test plan and build efficient quality solutions to meet your requirements. A portion of our success can be attributed to fully understanding the cost of test. Oftentimes in a program’s conception there are a few rocks that are left unturned. Whether this is due to an oversight or equipment not functioning as anticipated is irrelevant. To get a clear picture of the road ahead, you need a team prepared for any scenario.

BPO Functions

Depiction of Test Operator Functions

Additionally, with a growing team of 425+ employees we can support the program anywhere in the world and be prepared to scale up or down with the demand.

Most importantly, our priority is the success of the test project, which by definition means the success of your program. By allowing our test & quality engineers to share their expertise, your specialists are free to focus on what they do best.

How BPO for Test Works


Like test, there is no single way to execute the right program. When considering outsourcing, the details matter. We need to understand your business goals and priorities to design the scenario that meets your requirements. Are you looking to:

  • Increase units per hour?
  • Improve yield?
  • Ramp up quickly?
  • Optimize test design?
  • Outsource your complete test department?

Averna can act as an end-to-end operator of test related processes. The program and pricing will reflect what is agreed upon between all parties.


According to Grand View Research The global business process outsourcing market size was valued at USD 261.9 billion in 2022 and is projected to expand at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 9.4% from 2023 to 2030.[1] Companies that are ready to innovate are recognizing the enormous value outsourcing has to offer. BPO delivers improved productivity, resource scalability, higher product quality and significant cost reductions. By working with a global partner like Averna, you immediately gain expertise in every aspect of test on your schedule for the entire product lifecycle.

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Who should consider outsourcing test?

There are many scenarios where a test partnership brings value and reduces cost for a business. Some include:

  • Accelerating a program at a fast pace.
  • Test is not considered a core expertise or priority.
  • Investment in test is minimal.
  • Require/desire a subject matter expert in test automation, test design, machine vision or other quality-related fields.
  • A program must scale up or scale down quickly.
  • Need to transfer capital expenses (CAPEX) to operating expenses (OPEX)
  • Looking for steady maintenance, continuous optimization of test equipment, management of field issues.
  • Needs their core team to focus on the product and not the test plan.  
At what stage should test be outsourced?

While it is never too late to improve test processes, ideally a test partner would be involved from the program’s inception. The earlier they start the easier it becomes to support and optimize the product design and execution. Clear requirements can make or break the success of an entire program. This defines a realistic development cycle for proper planning and allows for maximum efficiency to avoid future issues like recalls.

How much does outsourcing cost?

All BPO offerings are defined by the customer’s requirements and timeline. Together, we define the right package that works for both parties.

Where is the value in BPO?

Working with the right test partner offers the following benefits:

  • In-house team can focus on their product and not test.
  • Reduces costs in the long term by proactively avoiding issues.
  • Acceleration of program execution.
  • Accountability of deliverables is transferred to Averna.
  • Gain an experienced team of test engineers without hiring.
  • Scale up or scale down as the program requires.
  • Transfer CAPEX to OPEX
  • Continuous global support for the lifecycle of the program.
What about data privacy?

Working with a partner is based on trust. Before any partnership begins, our team is ready to negotiate the appropriate contracts and IT requirements to ensure peace of mind. Averna is in it for the long-term, and your trust is valuable to us.

Why not work with a Contract Manufacturer (CM) that offers bundled packages that include test?

A CM will often offer a great deal by bundling manufacturing with test in one “low price”! Often these deals can’t be delivered as promised, as they do not have the required technical experience in-house. Averna has been called in to fix these types of issues that have caused bigger problems at delivery (at the customer’s expense).

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