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RF Studio is great for RF, video, audio and NMEA recording, but can it record anything else?

While RF Studio is a turnkey solution, it is also a customizable platform. Its plug-in architecture allows you to develop and integrate specialized modules to record and/or play back other types of signals or digital data. Averna can develop these modules for you or you can develop the modules yourself.

Who uses RF Studio?

Averna has a broad range of satisfied RF Studio customers in the automotive, GNSS, aerospace, military and academic sectors. Our flexible and feature-rich record-and-playback solutions help you address the most demanding project challenges.

Does RF recording require expertise in RF?

Averna has developed tools that make RF recording as simple as possible. Some applications are more difficult than others, but our support team and field application engineers are available to train you to make sure you make the best possible recordings. We also have comprehensive user documentation and a long history of dedication to our partners’ success.

Can I use an external trigger to start the recording?

Yes, absolutely!

Do I need a keyboard and a mouse?

No, Averna’s record-and-playback solutions have a touch screen, and the GUI was carefully designed to be touch-friendly. Users can still connect a mouse and a keyboard to the rear panel’s USB ports.

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