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Webinar: How Vision-Guided Precision Assembly is Transforming Manufacturing

Recorded: September 15, 2021


Take a deep dive into common test and assembly challenges and see the benefits that vision-guided precision assembly can bring to the table.

Webinar_Vision-Guided Precision Assembly_on-demand

Our experts will weigh in with their feedback on the biggest test and assembly challenges and the most effective solutions using vision in the loop. See why clients in all sectors including medical, automotive, consumer electronics and more, vision-based systems, services and applications, to guide multiple processes and ensure top product quality. 

Join our test experts at our newest webinar to learn everything you need to know about vision-guided precision assembly and how it will transform your manufacturing results. They will be providing an in-depth look into the technological innovations happening on production floors around the world, along with real-world applications and results. 

Download the on-demand webinar here.

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