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Live Event: Rethink Electrification: 4 Critical Steps for Better EVSE Performance

Live: June 6th, 2023


Transportation is one of the top sources for emissions in North America and Europe. Governments all over the world are working on a reliable electric vehicle charging infrastructure to support effective change but can only do so much; consumers continue to suffer from range anxiety and concern for convenience.

To limit emissions to the required threshold by 2100, EVSE manufacturers need to deliver maximum uptime and a predictable ecosystem. This can be efficiently achieved through:

  • Reliable asset communication
  • Regenerative equipment
  • Microgrid management
  • Effective protocol simulation

Join Averna’s next live event for 4 new ways to safely ensure every unit, from home chargers to ultra-fast chargers, performs exactly as designed.    

Download the on-demand webinar here

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