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Webinar: Mastering Manufacturing Challenges in Regulated Industries: From Validation & Verification to A.I. Implementations

June 26th, 2024

Webinar_Mastering Manufacturing Challenges in Regulated Industries_On Demand

Manufacturing in a regulated industry like medical comes with unique challenges. Planning and preparation for these challenges is key to avoiding costly troubles and delays.

Launching a new test station or production line takes a thorough understanding of processes and regulations. Our engineers want to share their insights from 25+ years of medical test integration experience including:

  • Aligning acceptance testing and verification and validation (V&V)
  • Challenges with potential changes in form, fit, or function with test equipment or process
  • What does it take to implement a human-like inspection solution into a production line?
  • A.I. on the manufacturing line
Get the latest updates on how to get your medical or pharmaceutical product to market. Learn to efficiently mitigate risk to avoid disasters…

Download the on-demand webinar here

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