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Charged Virtual Conference

October 21, 2021

Join Us at the Charged Virtual Conference!

We are going virtual for this EV engineering conference! It is an event filled with live webinar sessions, on-demand videos, white papers and interactive Q&A's. 

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Charged Virtual Conference on EV Engineering Logo RedElectric motors, eAxles and EV components each come with a unique set of production challenges for the automotive industry as a whole. Electric motors need more energy than the standard electrical networks can provide. In order to safely test all these components, a system needs to produce enough energy capable of spinning at extremely high RPMs and remain efficient enough to maintain it. At the same time, the same system must also be able to address HV testing, eliminate vibrations, provide a cooling source, offer precise DUT handling and more. How do each of these challenges affect quality and cost of production, and how can they be controlled to produce the best results? Tune in to find out! 

Join our experts as they address high-speed and high-power challenges in EV motor production testing. With the transition to EV powered vehicles advancing at a rapid rate, a unique set of production challenges has followed suit. In this presentation, Averna's experts will demonstrate how to manage your EV production line and achieve the best results for EV power components. You can register here

Event Details

When: October 21, 2021 11:00am-11:30am EDT
Where: Online Event 

Visit the event’s website for more information.

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