Averna Launches UniLine, the Universal In-Line Test Platform

UniLine Automates and Standardizes Electronics Testing through a Modular Design.

Montreal, Canada, May 24 2022 Averna, the leading global Test & Quality Solutions provider, announced today that they have added UniLine, an automated universal in-line test platform for partial or final electronic assemblies to their suite of test platforms. The flexibility of UniLine allows it to meet test requirements for multiple product types in any industry while maximizing equipment reuse.

Test automation is considered a key component to the manufacturing floor of the future. By eliminating operator intervention, factories become more efficient, producing high throughput at faster speeds. Multiple tasks can be performed simultaneously, without a sacrifice to quality or subject to operator opinion.

“UniLine is a great example of taking 20 years of test expertise and streamlining it for maximum reuse.” Explains Matt Jecz, Director of R&D and Innovation at Averna. “This is going to change the future of test by making automation accessible on any scale. By investing in flexible equipment like UniLine which leverages our extensive industry IP, the return on investment becomes obvious, very quickly.”

Using a dedicated station core, UniLine can automate all safety, functional, ICT, End of Line tests as well as perform part labeling and programming. The guiding principles for this design are flexibility and growth. It is a singular platform to satisfy all customers’ requirements, without imposing unnecessary features or equipment. Its modular design keeps the door open to design changes and product growth, without making major changes to the hardware. Flexible fixtures allow the core of the station to remain unchanged while accommodating countless product types or variations.

By investing in a test platform, standardization across departments and locations becomes simplified. Other Averna platforms include their Active Alignment and Test Platform, VR/AR/MR Calibration Platform, and their Electric Vehicle Power Components Test Platform.

For more information on UniLine or other test platforms, please visit Averna’s website.

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