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Voyantic’s Tagformance Pro is a complete platform for evaluating all EPC Class 1 Gen 2 and NFC RFID systems on both UHF and HF frequency bands.

The Averna Wideband RFID Conformance Analyzer tests tags and readers per all EPC and ISO protocols.

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Our RFID test systems ensure that your products perform to the highest standards and conform to industry specifications.

Ensuring Ultimate RFID Performancetagformancepro

Averna is the exclusive North American distributor of the Voyantic Tagformance Pro, an all-in-one test and measurement device for UHF RFID, HF RFID and NFC. Deploy it to verify the tuning and sensitivity of your UHF RFID and NFC tags while also studying the effects of population interaction, materials, orientation and distance. Its many user-centered features also allow you to benchmark different tags and analyze the performance of all tagged items.

With the Tagformance Pro, you will be able to gain important visibility into your RFID and NFC performance, choose the best components for your application, have total confidence in the high quality of your RFID systems, and get new tag designs to market faster.

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For details about the Voyantic Tagformance Pro, see our Tech Specs & Supported Protocols page as well as these pages on the Voyantic website:

Verifying Optimum RFID Conformancerfid-conformanceanalyzer

Averna’s Wideband RFID Conformance Analyzer is a conformance test and measurement solution for RFID devices, and is the first instrument on the market with an integrated RFID protocol stack and real-time communication capability to formulate, decode and measure RFID signals per all current EPC and ISO protocols. It is based on modular National Instruments PXI RF hardware and LabVIEW-based software test panels.

The system is ideal for users who are performing conformance testing of tags and readers. This solution also provides a standard platform for comparing reader or tag performance in field evaluations. With the capability of real-time vector RF signal generation and analysis, the system can generate and analyze RFID signals per all current RFID standards. The system can also be configured as a streaming RFID signal analyzer for demodulating and decoding real-time interactions between readers and tags. For more information, see the Tech Specs & Supported Protocols page >>


The following accessories are available for integration with your Wideband RFID Conformance Analyzer:


RFID labs, product designers and equipment makers use our RFID test solutions to speed up design verification, verify device and tag performance, and get their products to market faster.

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