DCE – DOCSIS Channel Emulator

Frequency range of 65 MHz to 1.004 GHz, bandwidth of 80 MHz (input) and 80 MHz (output), and covers up to 24 bonded DS channels.

Real-time performance-testing tools including SCTE 40 test “personality” of common impairments like microreflections and phase noise.

Need to accelerate your SCTE 40 certification testing?

The DCE allows OEM and ODM labs to accelerate their internal validation and comply with multiple system operators’ (MSOs) SCTE 40 requirements, as well as helping MSOs to replicate network issues in their labs. It is an innovative, modular and low-cost platform that leverages National Instruments’ Vector Signal Transceiver (VST), features real-time FPGA-based processing, and deploys user-friendly development tools.

Deploy an All-in-One, Scalable and Affordable Solution

Say goodbye to racks and racks of hardware and complicated setups. With the desktop DCE, you can acquire, impair and easily generate up to 24 DOCSIS or EuroDOCSIS downstream (DS) channels in real-time, anywhere in your lab. And the DCE’s software-based approach and modular architecture protect your investment, allowing you to easily cover your current and future test needs.

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The Best Channel Emulator on the Market

  • Simulates/stresses the network between CMTS and CPE, with dozens of impairments
  • Supports up to 24 bonded DS channels (using multiple chassis)
  • Frequency range: 65 MHz–1.004 GHz; bandwidth: 80 MHz (input) / 80 MHz (output)
  • Intuitive interface with input and output Spectral and Constellation displays
  • Expandable: 8 DS channel blocks of 80 MHz can be added with additional modules
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