Profit from Our Ready-to-Ship Solutions

Save yourself months of work on test specifications, component ordering, assembly and trial-and-error operation.



All our Test Products & Platforms are based on industry-standard PXI(e) and/or FPGA-based software-defined instruments, mass interconnects (VPC, etc.), smart fixtures/nests, racks, cables, etc., saving you valuable design and build time.



We load our extensive industry and technology experience into every platform so most of the IP work and test code is done before we ship — and we can tailor the remainder to accommodate your product and test specs. 



Our Test Products & Platforms are renowned for both what they can do today and how easily they can be updated tomorrow. Our flexible tools are ready for new instruments, protocols, fixtures, test sequences, and more – they evolve with your product-testing requirements.

The Global Standard for DOCSIS Devices

Our Jupiter 310 Design Verification System is installed around the world. As well as its cutting-edge test & measurement instruments and productivity tools, it ships with the industry-standard ATP (acceptance test plan) for cable-device certification. It’s a perfect showcase of Averna’s integration of industry expertise into its best-in-class products.

AST-1000 for Complete Infotainment Signal Testing

Tired of having to rely on multiple instruments for your signal-testing needs? We’ve revolutionized RF testing by letting you generate all common RF signals like AM/FM, Sirius, HD Radio and GPS from one device. The software-defined AST-1000 is expandable too —  and can accommodate connectivity signals like WiFi and Bluetooth and eventually even non-RF signals like CAN.

Flexible Test Platforms for Every Industry

Leverage 20+ years of test expertise with our flexible test platforms for multiple applications and industries. Simplify electronics testing, EV test, active alignment and VR/AR/MR calibration with established IP and maximum reuse.


Get ahead fast with built-in Averna expertise.

Whenever we design a test platform, we have more than 5000 successful projects to guide us for comprehensive test coverage, the best technology, and time-saving user features.

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