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Small Deployments

Implementation Local
Test Stations 1-10
Contract Manufacturer Sites N/A
Live Data Analysis Up to 50 GB

Medium Deployments

Implementation Local and remote
Test Stations 1-50*
Contract Manufacturer Sites 1-4
Live Data Analysis Up to 400 GB
If you have a small cluster of design and/or production test stations, this deployment option will solve all your test-data management needs. While regularly gathering and consolidating your test results in its OLAP-cube-powered Data Warehouse, Proligent delivers actionable information in 50+ standard manufacturing reports and charts to accelerate decision-making and improve product quality.

For OEMs with remote test stations, the medium deployment option provides high value and scalability. With a secure Proligent Appliance at one or more of your contract manufacturer (CM) sites, you can quickly populate Proligent‘s central Data Warehouse with near-real-time consolidated test results, consult 50+ standard manufacturing reports and charts, and provide your CMs with daily listing reports.

* For deployments of more than 50 test stations, 4 CM sites or 400 GB of live data, please contact Averna.