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Key Features

Frequency range of 10–6000 MHz, up to 4x40 MHz or 2x80 MHz bandwidth, 14-bit resolution, tight channel synchronization.

Records up to 20 hours, includes RF Studio for quick setup/analysis and supports a software-defined, real-time GNSS Simulator.


Capture Real-World RF for Repeatable Lab Testing


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RP-6100 video.

Averna’s RP-6100 Series sets a new standard for RF application testing. Record real-world signals like GNSS, HD Radio, LTE, and WiFi – plus impairments – to significantly advance your projects and harden product designs. With up to 4 channels and 160 MHz of recording bandwidth, a 10–6000 MHz frequency range, tight channel synchronization, and up to 16 TB of storage, this is one of the most powerful and cost-effective R&P solutions on the market.

Advance Your GNSS Projects with Real-Time Simulation

The RP-6100 Series supports a high-precision, software-defined GNSS Simulator. The unbeatable combination of a real-world RF recorder and a real-time GNSS Simulator can cover all your design validation needs fast and cost-effectively.

RF Studio™ Enables Quick Setups and In-Depth Analysis

Preloaded with RF Studio, a state-of-the-art workflow tool, the RP-6100 Series lets you quickly set up your recordings, add contextual data, visualize weak signals, and analyze your collected RF environments to validate and fine-tune your designs and products.

RP-6100 Series Features

  • Frequency range of 10–6000 MHz, covering all GNSS bands (L1, L2 and L5)
  • Multi-channel (1-4): Up to 4x40 MHz or 2x80 MHz bandwidth at 14-bit resolution (< 1 Hz)
  • User-friendly analysis tools: Noise Figure, Spectrum, Power, and Histogram views
  • 3.8 TB SSD storage or 16 TB HDD storage (for up to 20 hours of recordings)
  • Supports ATSC, Bluetooth, DAB, DVB-T, FM, GNSS, HD Radio (FM), IBOC, RDS/TMC, WiFi, etc.
  • Four models: RP-6120 (2 ch.), RP-6120P (2 ch. portable), RP-6120D (2 ch. desktop), and RP-6140 (4 ch.)
  • Portable: Includes laptop + rugged case; can run on 12V or battery (~40 minutes); DriveView option

Software-Defined, Real-Time GNSS Simulator Features

  • Easy setups, integrated maps, dynamic scenario creation, and tight parameter controls
  • Supports environmental conditions, vehicles in motion, multi-frequencies and multi-antennas
  • Enables high-precision, repeatable simulations of countless GNSS conditions and corner cases

Learn more about RP-6100’s technical specifications.

IMPORTANT LEGAL NOTE: Every country has different laws governing the transmission and reception and/or recording of radio signals. Users are solely responsible for using their RP-6100 in compliance with all local and applicable laws and regulations governing the transmission and reception and/or recording of radio signals. Averna Technologies Inc. does not accept liability for such use of our products. Averna recommends that you determine what licenses may be required and what restrictions may apply prior to use.