Monitor with Averna ConnexThing Screen
Monitor with Averna ConnexThing Screen

Connect Your Test Data

Easily implement and manage applications for your Smart Factory.

Developed in conjunction with major industry players, and provides a cost-effective solution to efficiently connect National Instrument’s TestStand software to PTC’s ThingWorx’s innovative end-to-end technology platform.

Simplify the Transition into Industry 4.0

The Averna ConnexThing Toolkit is a development tool that combines industry-leading test sequencers and the powerful ThingWorx platform to simplify the implementation and management of applications.

Get Connected Today!

The ConnexThing Toolkit for NI TestStand, available for download now, streamlines the connection between TestStand and PTC‘s Thingworx platform by allowing rapid communication between TestStand’s ready-to-run test management software and ThingWorx’s innovative end-to-end technology platform.  It comes complete with ThingWorx templates, data shapes, widgets and dashboard examples that easily link test stations.

ConnexThing Highlights

  • Accelerates integration of ThingWorx in TestStand
  • Easily monitors test stations and manages assets using a customizable ThingWorx dashboard tool
  • Facilitates bi-directional communication
  • Provides guidance for clean code and architecture

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See how the Averna ConnexThing toolkit integrates easily into your current application and seamlessly connects your data into the ThingWorx platform.

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