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Part Number Description
URT-HW-4000 Averna Universal Receiver Tester URT-4000 flexible software-defined one-channel 140 kHz to 2.5 GHz, 20 MHz BW Signal Generator.
Software Toolkits – GPS Navigation Signals
URT-SW-GPS1 Averna GPS L1 C/A real-time single-satellite manufacturing test generator.
URT-SW-GPS-CST Averna GPS L1 C/A real-time constellation manufacturing test generator.
Software Toolkits – AM/FM Broadcast Radio
URT-SW-AMFM Averna AM/FM real-time signal generation toolkit.
URT-SW-IBOD-HD Averna IBOC HD Radio test waveform library. Licensing requirements may apply.
Software Toolkits – DAB
URT-SW-DAB-WAV Averna DAB test waveform library.
URT-SW-DAB-ETI Averna DAB ETI real-time ETI modulator toolkit. Includes the Averna DAB/DAB+/DMB ETI test library.
URT-SW-DAB-MUX Averna DenMux DAB/DAB+/DMB real-time source encoder and multiplexer toolkit.
Requires the DAB ETI Modulator (URT-SW-DAB-ETI-4K).
Software Toolkits – RDS/RBDS
URT-SW-1RDS Averna one-channel RDS over FM real-time signal generator.
URT-SW-3RDS Averna three-channel RDS over FM real-time signal generator.
Software Toolkits – Sirius/XM
URT-SW-SIRIUS Certified for TA Part One and manufacturing of the Sirius SDARS system. Includes support for Sirius Overlay.
URT-SW-XM Certified for TA Part One and manufacturing of the XM SDARS system. Includes support for XM Overlay (XMH).
Software Toolkits – TMC Traffic Messaging
URT-SW-TMC-RDS Averna TMC (Traffic Message Channel) over RDS real-time software toolkit. Requires Averna RDS software toolkit (URT-SW-1RDS-4K).
URT-SER-WAR-4000-1 Additional 1-year hardware warranty and 1-year software and support subscription. Must be purchased at the same time as the URT-4000.
URT-SER-SW-UPG-1 Software subscription and phone support (1 year).
URT-SER-CAL-URT4000 Recommended calibration every two years. Requires the instrument to be shipped to Averna. Includes Averna calibration certificate.
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