Image of the URT-4000 RF Signal Generator which generates RF Protocols using Averna's Software toolkits, including HD Radio and Sirius XM

AM/FM RDS/RBDS (1 Channel or 3 Channels)
Sirius and XM – Type 1 Acceptance and Manufacturing DAB/DAB+/DMB
GPS Manufacturing Simulators (Single Satellite or Constellation)

Need to accelerate your RF receiver quality?

The Averna URT-4000 is a state-of-the-art RF signal source that utilizes Averna protocol-specific signal-generation toolkits and signal libraries to generate and impair common Navigation and Broadcast Radio signals for receiver testing, production and support. The URT-4000 has been optimized for radio manufacturing needs and is an ideal RF signal generator for Functional Test, ATE, End-of-Line and other test stations.

Delivers Productivity-Enhancing Features

The URT-4000 is packed with features important for manufacturing test, such as remote-system health and fan monitoring, an easy-to-use remote API for sequencing signal generation to improve throughput, and fast switching time between protocols and level settings.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Supports all common Navigation as well as Broadcast Radio protocols
  • Easily adapts to new and ever-changing protocols, eliminating need for new instruments
  • Real-time signal generation for long-running lifecycle tests like HALT and HASS
  • Allows synchronization of units to support multiple channels
  • Easy-to-use interface to generate signals quickly and intuitively
  • Complete API for automating remote control of the instrument

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IMPORTANT LEGAL NOTE: Every country has different laws governing the transmission and reception and/or recording of radio signals. Users are solely responsible for using their URT-4000 in compliance with all local and applicable laws and regulations governing the transmission and reception and/or recording of radio signals. Averna Technologies Inc. does not accept liability for such use of our products. Averna recommends that you determine what licenses may be required and what restrictions may apply prior to use.